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they hated him because he spoke the truth (https://i.redd.it/tmnh40qf4yva1.jpg)

Q: what is tpot?

A: post-rationalists, ie a loose community of twitter people who love/loved SlateStarCodex but thought Scott Alexander should’ve taken psychedelics and written more about hugmaxxing

Q: are they all the baddies?

A: not all but they all have the capacity to be just as annoying (overwhelming intellectual arrogance, bias towards presentism, complete failure to understand the arts, etc)

Q: but is op right

A: 1000% right and all the quote tweets are “shut up we have this discussion every ten seconds” which like. lol. Lmao. Maybe that’s bad lmfao idk

I really wished the Post Rationalists were people who decided that the Enlightenment is a lie and that everyone should read William Blake and listen to black metal made by trans people or something.
Like the kind of people who worked for White Wolf in the 90's and created Mage: The Ascenscion?
Pretty much. Alternately people who want to be Grant Morrison, or Alan Moore without the really public fetishes for young women with older, often gross, men.
Damn… you’ve got me pondering deep regarding your explanations for the TMP and the corollary. Well written, and thank you!
Duly noted; at least accept the props for writing those concepts well. 😜
Further, coming from even summerer children (and ESL) - what's hugmaxxing (honest question, never heard the term)?
specifically it’s not really a thing. a semi-joking neologism that means “get and give as many hugs as possible” but broadly the construction “whatever-maxxing” is incel speak for “make yourself as attractive as possible” (looksmaxxing) or “make yourself as physically fit as possible” (gainsmaxxing) etc etc etc. other communities have appropriated the -maxxing suffix. generally hugmaxxing would also encompass loving kindness, caring for others, empathy, physical contact, etc. but centrally actually hugging at least in the contexts I’ve seen it in on tpot, something about hormone release I gather. TL;DR weird, pretty new internet lingo meaning “maximize this”
Oh, wow. I googled “hugmaxxing” and one of the only other results was an incel forum? Which tracks, because I thought I’d look it up before I asked you if the “no, it’s actually about hugs, and also something about hormone release” thing had something to do with sex, which… yeah. Or maybe it really *does* just mean “genuinely wants hugs!” in this example. Who knows? Certainly not me!
You should never give these people the benefit of doubt. There is nothing that a community that flirts with TND can do to convince me they aren't on the far-right.
> Q: are they all the baddies? also the bit where they're mostly neoreactionaries
yeah. tends to put a damper on their whole vibe, which as far as I can suss out boils down to “do shrooms, tell people you love them, work a Bay Area software job” + something wildly regressive clothed in ratspeak. a few of them are okay. but just a few
This Part Of Twitter: postrationalists who have worked out that LessWrong, Scott and the Sequences are too cringe but still want to enjoy the racism. Latest on the euphemism treadmill.
Theres also a TERF contingent but they keep quieter.
Do you mean like actual "trans-exclusive radical feminists"? I haven't come across many feminists of any type in that crowd, just a lot of anti-feminist pick mes.
"TERF" has been sighted in the mainstream as a term for "vicious public transphobe who pals around with Nazis", e.g. https://twitter.com/rodemmerson/status/1639721176560975873
Yeah... It's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things but I wish people would just use "transphobe" rather than appropriate a gendered term that, to me, makes it seem like men and women are being held to different standards.
Yeah I should have specified better. Not feminists per se but the trad wife types.
I mean, terfs tend to pal around and blend with tradwives if left to fester, so...
i mean. TPOT includes eigenrobot and 0HP Lovecraft. Right-wingers? Here?? You must be some sort of FOLLOW COP. i mean, fucken "follow cop" lol. To think you could have an opinion on someone for being one of the other ten guys at the table! What sort of subculture has this as standard internal jargon. Like the term "filter bubble" this was invented by the people who it's about.
Zero actually followed me into the scene, and I’ve always wondered if I was like the patient zero for eigen’s radicalization or something.
the real question is what i can say without getting ID’d - because I know they follow this place closely.
hello tpot 👋 op in tweet is right lots of yall give off Hitler particles out the wazoo
I think I know what you mean, but do you mean 'counter-surveillance' from tpot randos in general, or the 1 or 2 tpotters specifically being talked about in this thread?
Randos. No one mentioned by name.
As a follow cop, there are quite a few people who follow eigen, zerohut, and boulderyeet, and post horrible shit on twitter. Eigen/zero is one of those 'lets keep scrolling through the follows and see how bad it gets' indicators. Zero was the quokka guy right? Which considering scotts cryptonrx is funny.
Yes he was.
Thats exactly it.
yes, "follow cop" means "how dare you notice how many nazis i coincidentally happen to have in my social interactions"
we don’t like you
Oh sure, you say that now but you'll be singing a different tune when Prince Prospero locks you out of his castle.
>A: not all but they all have the capacity to be just as annoying (overwhelming intellectual arrogance, bias towards presentism, complete failure to understand the arts, etc) Generally agree, though it seems like the postrat types have among the least bias to presentism of any subculture I come across. It seems like their whole deal is they think they can redesign social norms from the ground up by doing enough shrooms and game theory.
and being huge fucking reactionaries


(I have stories)

lemme hear em lemme hear em lemme hear em
Watching Eigan’s wife talking about ‘good’ trans women and ‘bad’ trans women was pretty interesting. I wish I had screen caps. They didn’t seem bad at first, but things just kept escalating. I kicked them to the curb, but the last few years only seems to have made them meaner. I think it really took root after ZeroHPLovecraft entered their scene back in like 2018 or 2019. There was a sexual assault at Vibe Camp too.
holy shiiiiiiiit eigan is one of the more fashy tpot posters that doesn’t surprise me at all
One of them hurt me for fun. Appearances can be really deceiving with this crowd. I’m not sure the guy who threatened to out me was one of them, but he rolled with the one above. Also I am aware of some folks adjacent to tpot and person number one who scammed several million dollars with BS start up schemes, while I’m assuming everyone around them just averted their eyes~~ also the only example of someone going from antigamergate to nrx to blm I’ve yet seen.
That dogs on the moon author dude also has a interesting background (inc criminal charges and messing with his neighbour). He also adopted a child and then returned it to the agency. Honestly I know dirt on a bunch of these people. It wasn’t even hard to pick up, thats the crazy part.
Dogs on the moon? Is that a book?
Yeah. Uplifted dogs and container ships with reactionless drives on the moon (look mom its hard scifi). I don’t know the name of the series atm.
thanks 🙏
More then a few are actual sociopaths near as I figure. The bullshit I’ve seen these people spew is nothing short of incredible. Claiming to have found a schizophrenia damage cure for example. Also all kinds of fake history shit - the one fraudster I mentioned is passing herself off as a ‘historian’ despite having the same education background as Yud. People eat it all up. It makes me absolutely sick.
The fact they can go from ‘put browns in camps’ nrx hang arounds to social justice types with no one saying shit is telling imo. (They joined BLM explicitly to fight cops).
Fight cops on behalf of whom?
Themselves I'd assume. They cut ties with people over not advocating cop murder.
Yeah, I didn't know if you had a deeper handle on their motivations....blind ACAB vs IRL complex issues or what.
50:50. I’ve had bad encounters with the cops (hands on guns) before, but I don’t go around talking up the use of slambang shotguns for targeted assassinations.
I've had worse encounters than hands on guns, but right, pretty sneer on its own to call Mr. Dornan heroic.
If the University of Banana Slugs needs a pool of participants for a study on narcissism look no further
One of 'em uses tpot to, aside from just talking shit, pick up women. He feeds women with a bunch of lies just to have free sex with 'em and then proceeds to emotionally and psychologically abuse them. He has been around on tpot for some time and has done this to more than one. The irony is how he has everyone on the sphere sold about how great of a guy he is and how it is always about he having a streak of bad luck and/or his victims' fault. So, this is the type of dark-triad personalities that are attracted to and enabled by \`This-Part-Of-Twitter\`.
YEP. There’s multiple guys per the existence of the vibecamp banlist.
Damn such a list does exist! This particular one was not at the last vibecamp though, this one is very insidious
The scary part is this could be multiple people.
This is awful
did this guy briefly become twitter’s main character due to a post he made about a realization he had about money while on LSD?
Wow - other people get that vibe too?
absolutely. I’m not accusing him of anything, I’m not making any allegations, I haven’t heard anything (just to be explicitly clear) but I def get that vibe
The niceguy stuff is really offputting.
ah haha no, not this particular guy
damn I was so sure I’d guessed it lmao
who is this? DM me if you have to
If you get it DM me too
a sexual assault at a camp for 400 people = fascist cult sounds right
Maybe don’t broadcast your sexual assault problem on the internet if people noticing bothers you.
Sneerclub only considers venues where no sexual assault could happen as legitimate. Therefore it sneers on all university campuses, workplaces, public spaces, and essentially anywhere that's not pronoun Twitter
why are you upset about this
I'm not upset I just think you guys are goofy and circlejerk-y

Holy shit I set them off lmao

Funny how eigen, in a distractionnof this post just goes back to talking about sneerclub. And it is all basically complaints about being banned, and slurs.

exactly. He’s screenshotting my comments lmao and all the replies are 1488 Pepe types all like “So true eigen!” Perhaps it is bad that he’s amassed a loud, loyal contingent of fascists idk


I enjoy getting mad for fun that’s why I’m here on this sub
Isn't that why we're all here?
I am sorry to say they are on topic here.