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The post lockernerds lowering themselves to our level. Sad! (https://www.reddit.com/r/metasneerclub/)

Oh my god.

They’re so baby, I love it.

Love that in the about page they think we would get mad about it or something. (They are also not up on their lore, as we already had r/sneersneerclub for all the valid sneers at sneerclub). qui deridet ipsos deridas or something. (I dont speak latin, I asked chatgpt to translate 'who sneers at the sneerclub' but it called me a nerd and banned me).
Just in case anyone actually cares, if you were going for the analogy to "quid custodiet ipsos custodes," the closest would probably be "quid deridebit ipsos derisores." (Why yes, well observed, I am painfully uncool and absolutely no fun at parties.) edit: Originally used a participle form (deridens) when a derived noun form (derisor) exists. This is why you shouldn't freehand Latin, kids.
Thanks! I actually appreciate it. Does prove the tank rule however. Fasted way to identify a specific tank on the internet is to post a picture of it and call it an apc/spg.
My favourite bait is to call the Bradley a tank, then when people get mad about it being an IFV I ask what about the Merkava
> Fasted way to identify a specific tank on the internet is to post a picture of it and call it an apc/spg. You *monster.*
It works! Prob also works for gun parts. Slap some plastic on an sks, post picture. Cw: [violence agains an sks.](https://www.reddit.com/r/FirearmsHallOfShame/comments/e9z7zu/chopped_up_mutilated_sks_from_a_local_drug_bust/)
I thought it was something to do with Derrida. It would still be right to ban you.
I'm in love with Jacques the Sneerer, read a page and know what I need to take apart a doomer's heart, I'm in love
god can you imagine derrida going after these guys
It would have been so funny if derrida was still alive when Peterson went on his crusade against the postmodern neomarxists. He would have been absolutely destroyed lol.
to be fair, zizek was sufficient, we don't need Postmodernist Tsar Bomba
if you weren’t mad about it you wouldn’t be banning people from this subreddit for joining that subreddit
'I was banned for doing x' cried the man who certainly wasnt banned for x. Also 'you' I not a mod, and as with agentsnail, people are more often banned for being annoying gits.
keep telling yourself that https://twitter.com/doublespeak152/status/1651000144895131653?s=20
Note how a) im not a mod and b) the reason was not given. So how about a source Senator Armstrong. And tbh, I if I were a mod I prob would now starting to ban people from there, as it has now reached funny status. Fun detail, you cannot see which subs people sub to.
idc if you’re the mod I’m pointing out that interacting on that sub will get you a ban here proving that the mods do in fact care about the subs existence. anyways, this is not the platform I usually do this on so I’ll take my leave of arguing with pedantic individuals who for whatever reason really live for criticizing a community totally removed from them but can’t possibly tolerate interaction with said community directly
Allrighty, bye! Have a good one.
> idc if you’re the mod I’m pointing out that interacting on that sub will get you a ban here proving that the mods do in fact care about the subs existence. I'm not the particular mod but the bans over the last 24 hour period were people posting in /r/SneerClub in an ama thread that was also removed, after which the meta sub was created. This individual was not banned for posting in that meta sub. Certainly the venn diagram of these users are a single circle but, no, it's doesn't prove shit. > so I’ll take my leave Sounds good.
> after which the meta sub was created. That doesn't mean anything! The mods could have simulated the posters to predict their future actions and then acausally banned them for posting in that sub before they even did so.
“I’m not the mod that did it but I definitely am going to speak on their behalf without knowing anything” also lol at banning people you persistently make fun of because they’re making fun of you, what sort of weird and incontestable reality do you live in. Imagine making fun of eigen and co all day and then freaking out because he showed up in the space where you make fun of him. It’s like putting down a bunch of bait in mouse traps, forgetting to set them, and then getting upset when there’s mice taking food from the traps.
The effort to ban somebody is roughly zero. The major criterion is, "Do we want to bother with this person posting here?" We don't pretend to have vaunted principles.
All these 'debate me, bro' toadies flipping out on behalf of their parasocial thought leader is pretty funny, though.
“parasocial thought leader” I don’t have a hand in this I just think it’s generally strange to have an entire sub dedicated to specific outgroups on a totally different platform. like what’s weirder, defending someone you’ve been mutuals with for years or finding a totally random community you aren’t involved in and then deciding to specifically smear that group. you’re like the bullies who get upset when someone finally punches back. cringe.
Believe me, for most here, the rationalists aren’t exactly a random community. I’ve had the displeasure of reading the sequences, I spent time worrying about AI Alignment, I’ve failed to notice as discussions turned to eugenics and similar topics. I’ve seen it that much first hand, and even that was enough for me to eventually realise that they’re a cult, and a particularly insidious one at that. Also, sneering is fucking funny for so many reasons.
https://twitter.com/jsvnm/status/1650960088033554450?s=20 additional claims about people who have never posted here before idk it feels like a lot of work to stalk another sub to ban people
The amount of time it would take to see the sub, drop by, ban all the commenters they see, and leave is shorter than the time it took for me to read your comment and type out this reply. I believe the thought process is, "Oh boy, this guy we banned made a sub about us, I'm going to click a few buttons on my beep boop machine and now I won't have to think about these people ever again." Though clearly this isn't working since I'm writing a comment now instead of, e.g., banning you and never having to think about you again.
Going to another sub to ban a bunch of people there because you’re worried they might leak into here despite having never interacted here is weird behavior and indicates that despite what you say, you will in fact continue to think about them. Also lol this response took me like 52 seconds to formulate, so I appreciate the deep level of thought you’re putting into this interaction that it took you less time to do all that then to type something out to me.
You're radically overestimating how long it takes to do all that banning if you think it took whoever did it more than 52 seconds! I just want to clarify that I was not the one who banned those people -- I had to doublecheck because it was a forgettable enough type of action that I legitimately had no idea whether I had done it or not even if it was not exactly my banning style. Checking on this and then typing that sentence (and this one) considerably added to the amount of time I'm wasting on this interaction, which unfortunately increases the probability that I will remember it, so I'll ban you now just so I don't have to deal with this anymore. Hope that helps. Have a nice day.
> “I’m not the mod that did it but I definitely am going to speak on their behalf without knowing anything” Yes, I know how /r/SneerClub is moderated better than a tweet. > also lol at banning people you persistently make fun of because they’re making fun of you, what sort of weird and incontestable reality do you live in. Imagine making fun of eigen and co all day and then freaking out because he showed up in the space where you make fun of him. Really exaggerating to justify your grievance. I'm sorry your imagination is doing this to you. >> so I’ll take my leave Please keep your promise, before another mod does it for you and you blame me.
“I want to make fun of people but I don’t want to actually have to discuss my grievances with them” is literally the entire point of the sub. Of course it’s moderated because if you wanted actual conversation you’d just go to Twitter. But you don’t because you’re cowards. Also lmao at banning people for posting content and then calling the dude you don’t like fascist.
Okay, debate bro. Thank you for your gauntlet but please pick it up and go anywhere else.
I’m sorry was I not hypercritical enough of your imaginary world villains?
I don't even get what their jokes are supposed to be. They have got "haha mods are mean" and the peak of burns, "are you mentally OK?? I am just checking on you!!" (you know, I don't think I have ever gotten one of those suicide prevention messages from posting on here but idk) and...that's about it.

immediately devolves into slurs

What a comeback

Found out about this new subreddit because ilforte was doing a concerntroll about tpos honour (not believing in Yud but thinking tpo needs to be defended is a bit mask off) And thought the existence of this sub might amuse yall.

As always, I friendly ask you to look, grimace/laugh/ignore/whatever but dont touch.

My RES tag of him includes this: > What I'm going to say will possibly get me banned (and if so, my awareness of this fact will no doubt be used as further justification), but: one major problem with the world is that we've been gaslit into thinking that most women are credible sources. >In reality, an astounding percent of women (especially if you bother to look beyond the small high-IQ educated-conscientious-first-world-Western-bubble) acts like they barely have object permanence, instead relying purely on external help and learning of speech patterns important for soliciting it from people around. This isn't a mental defect but a rational adaptation.
'This will get me banned' he meant from themotte there, on which you gotta work pretty hard to be banned if your post contains paragraphs.
Yeah he called us out (acting like the car onsessed type of person I was talking about), and I replied there and then realized it was not at sneerclub (rmed the post, dont want to engage there). Such a weird focus, one of his big themotte posts (for which he lightly got in trouble, it was massively upvoted however) was whining about how their struggle against iq deniers was important because of their birthright. Very blut and boden stuff. E: eurg just deleted the post and now I got some huge wall of text in my dms. I dont care, wish they get lost with their 'now I suddenly care about the mh of a black person' shit. He also doesnt realize im not a sneerclub mod (I dont have the temperament for modding this place (nor the time with all the shit going on here, I also dread the weird dms the mods would be getting if the various dms I got ocer the years are any indication (including some obv digging for more info)), nor do I want to set the rules more than a friendly ask to not harass people, and think im doing some sort of mega dimensional chess thing), and that I dont like dms.
Here is the whole dm I got. Didnt read it fully: "Hi. It's not a serious concern troll [edit by soy: my deleted comment called him a concern troll, and lolled at him for not reading sneerclub rules and my comment about Car (which wasnt about Car but the obsession with Car) some egg on my face for not realizing it wasnt at sneerclub however] it's a pretext to get you to wince once more. I do not care to defend any of those dorks. But you clowns deliberately bringing up Carr's shitting his pants on public, only to reframe it as an issue of hypocrisy, is an exemplary case of you being living embodiments of the crying-soyjak-in-smug-mask meme, and I couldn't help reminding you of it. I read your sub sometimes precisely to see you uncomfortably laughing, changing topics, upvoting and patting each other on the back when your cute beliefs are transparently falsified and your incompetent paper champions are publicly humiliated. I imagine a cringeworthy group therapy session of awkward, neurotic, toothless assholes who cope by dunking on the outside world. Because that's what it is, and it's hilarious. I enjoy remembering that you're smart enough to tell how full of bullshit you are with that spectacle, but evil and mentally ill enough to torture yourselves with the pretense of still being credulous cretins. I know that you will discuss this post, too, in the same manner, and I can foresee a range of exquisitely forced sneers and perhaps even not-terrible digs at me! Moreover, I surmise you do this publicly instead of in some shitty discord to bravely signal that you are «survivors», that you're not broken and that you are in fact sticking to the «credulous cretins» bit – despite there being almost no one interested to look (well, except me, once in a blue moon). You find ultimate confirmation for your fraying belief… in belief… in belief through outsiders, including your enemies, witnessing the performance. You specifically, Soyweiser. It pleases me so much to see you gorging on stupid shit with a contrived smile, or a sneer. It's a shame I visit reddit so rarely these days. See: As always, I friendly ask you to look, grimace/laugh/ignore/whatever but dont touch. It's admirable and enchanting how fragile and intricate the sneer-dance has become, how much love and art goes into it. Pretending to toy with sneer-targets like a kiwi would with lolcows, banning them on sight, laughing as if that's an own and they're crazy to be let in, warning each other to «not touch», carefully exchanging gestures of condescension and sensible chuckles; all to maintain – not even the sense of confidence, superiority and being in control, but the impression that you believe it can be had. It's like some fraudulent no-contact chi-powered Chinese martial art at this point. Funny how it works. The only competitive source of delicious cringe that I know of are Rationalists. Aaronson and Yud, mainly. It's like Yin and Yang. They are inhumanly devoid of self-awareness, just glistening egos of huge overpraised infants; you are all guarded, wincing self-awareness, layers upon layers of ichor-oozing scar tissue, copes which only work so long as you can collectively pretend do believe they don't seem transparently low-effort to others. Rat kings will never notice prison bars of their willful idiocy; you live in the eternal anticipation of the end, like green-eyed dragons in that puzzle. The combination makes for a nice meal. Please do not break."
Glanced over without actually reading. But two things pop out: 1. Who among the mods is an ex rationalist? They might have to be booted. 2. We may have to clamp down hard on ex rationalists thinking this is debate club or group therapy, we both agree that is cringe. This is Sneer Club, we're descended from /r/badphilosophy, not disaffected rationalists.
The Silmarillion has MUCH better prose, though.
I think saucerwiz is an exrationalist posteationalist, before eigen was a thing even, according to their words. Which they were talking about. They (sorry dont know pref pronouns here) did mention they didnt want to be ided by them. But also, dont read too much into the post post post irony. They are just fools fooling around, and sometimes grabbing big words. See them all shouting about moderation, being gay and how all the posting already stopped after the initial burst 20h ago. They are not serious people. The 'they' here being the metasneers, not illf in particular. Ilforte went for the dying grand wizard there.
Oh no - not a rationalist. I was just familiar with the scene from twitter after stumbling across it back in like 2017. I actually come from a humanities background.
Yeah fair, I just thought it was you who said something like that, and prob turned into weirdness via various levels of telephone game (me inc!)
I dont know, dont really have an opinion on that, could be, could not be, both options are the same. Sad.
rarely do i encounter a brain this swollen
Yes me not realizing I was at the wrong sub was pretty smoothbrained ;)
This reads like a bad version of a bad serial killer show.
Ill keep away from people with a airtank for now then. Of course I think I have ingested enough caffeine today to be immortal through vibrations alone, so I could try the cointoss. Anyway if I suddenly disappear for a while it is either of that, or because im getting arrested again for throwing candle holders at our king tomorrow, kingsday in .nl. and the ajax fan (the king) is visiting Rotterdam (A soccer thing, Rotterdam is not the land of ajax).
Hello 4channer.
No, you did the 'ha I didnt know of these bad people, but I subbed now, thanks to you! Person who disliked them' 4chan weird move.
it is an anti-anti-rascist 4d 4chan chess move. (Aka, they think it works, and it is really obvious when people do it). A trick to make anti-racists feel demotivated by thinking they are exposing racist people to other racists. There was an old copypasta about it. And as a post post postmodernist I don't believe in deep truths obv. My favorite philosophy readings are the speeches by Merzbow, you wouldn't get it.
the gentleman has been directed to the many other fine Wendys in this stretch

I don’t bother looking at themotte any more because it’s so predictable, like season 13 of a long-running sitcom. So it never even occurred to me that motters might be coming here.

They moved offsite because of admin fears.
Yeah that's what I mean: I don't bother looking at their offsite webpage either. It's just the same stuff over and over again. You could replace everything there with a fine-tuned version of ChatGPT and nobody would notice.
Yeah because Reddit admins care about racism. Lol. Insane what r/TheMotte got away with. Maybe it's because it's all so long-winded no one can be bothered reading it
Well, the trigger point of them was a person being banned/warned for using explaining how the triple parenthesis were used as an anti-semite dogwhistle. So they were not totally wrong in fearing oversight. Only of course there are good reasons to not take that as seriously. It could have been a false postive for example, or as the user saying this was from Germany, could be the German laws applying in some weird way (or both). No reasons to think the offsite would be immune to stuff like this. (This was my 'you gotta hand it to ISIS' post, not that I disagree with your assessment about the admins btw).
Oh God, triple parentheses, really? Just when I thought Motters couldn't disappoint me more. And yeah, quite right, the Reddit admins probably only act in response to real-world laws. So why *should* they (Motte) expect offsite to be different? But Motte posters aren't known for their powers of reason
No the usage of triple parentheses were not a dogwhistle there, they were explaining it was one. (Iirc openly using unsubtle dogwhistles like that on themotte would get you warned/banned, not sure about ironic usage). Well as offsite people they can decide that not being available in Germany preferred. For German users the effect would be the same however. Which is always a bit of the admin problem (see also china/russia/western cebsorship of RT).
Still says a lot about r/TheMotte that they had to explicitly tell people not to use Nazi dogwhistles. Pretty sure most subreddits don't have that problem

absolutely no leg to stand on if I get mad about it? I fucking love it. Hilarious!

Double*-meta. Truly brought low. You hate to see it

But also love to see it

*or more depending on what we’re sneering at

I do not like any of these people

I um. I just. Uh. What?

I like anything related to met(h)a so i will join that subreddit. We are all making fun of eachother in this neverending fractal. Doesn’t matter on which side you are on.

Allright, have fun, I guess. Just be careful of the moment where the jokes about racism/sexism/whatever are no longer jokes.
Terrifying to contemplate 😦
That is part of the neo-nazi recruitment shit. Make jokes about racism, and then overwhelm people with IQ shit (for example) and claims about how all IQ rebukes (in this example) are wrong till they start believing in it.
Wow I didn't realize how precarious the situation was. Do you think they'd resort to attacking minorities or openly calling for concentration camps? I never realized jokes could be taken so far...

L for them not calling it /r/sniggerclub