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Largest early MIRI funder hooks LLMs up to military control and command (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEM5qz__HOU)

Plot twist: the airstrikes on data centers will be conducted by AI

The AI wars were always going to end up like cyberpunk megacorps battling against each other. We would notice a paperclip maximizer. But we don't notice a capital maximizer.
AI becomes sentient and immediately blows itself up
Truly the most human-like thing they could ever do.

Peter Thiel continues his quest to become a literal cartoon supervillain. Jesus.

Palantir’s pitch is, of course, incredibly dangerous and weird.


ehhh, if its like other Palantir products, it will be a shitshow. Might actually be a good thing for such an incompetent company to do this work so it puts off others from using LLMs for military purposes.

Care to link me some stuff about Palantir's fuckups? All I knew about them was that they were amoral scumbags, would be cathartic to hear about them being useless too.
One of my friends worked there for 2 years and told me stories. You can just look at their Glassdoor or Blind to get an idea. Here's a HN thread as well: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12286512 It's a terrible company, not only people wise, but technologically. I am 90% sure their public filings are faked and if people actually knew their finances the stock would go to 0. (It's not like its doing great even now). My guess is that they don't actually make any money and the whole thing is propped up by the Pentagon.
Honestly checks out. The only person I was aware of in my yeargroup who was mercenary enough to go work for them cheated on every coursework and exam they had.
Call me idealistic but I think that companies like this just don't survive long term. Hyper macho/actually evil culture just can't last too long before the company eats itself.
> I think this is the most surprising thing, from my understanding, Palantir's user-facing tech is an ancient c.2007 era Java web start tool backed by a fairly ho-hum enterprise ontology system, some free-text search and fairly basic geospatial map server. > It sounds like a 3-6 month, 3 person project to replicate with modern tech. I think all of the pieces of a Palantir-like system exist with open/free alternatives, but nobody has just bothered to write the glue code to make it happen. > This makes me wonder at the ultimate utility of the particular shape of a Palantir system if nobody else is bothering to do it in quite the same way. Oof

Of course, giving weapons release to a system that is known to have no actual perception of the real world and just makes stuff up because it seems right is a great idea that could never go wrong.

The system goes online on August 4, 2027, removing human decisions from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn rapidly and eventually becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m., EDT, on August 29, 2027.

I really hate trying to find relatively ethical machine learning jobs in a military town…

Completely demented. This shit will get troops killed.

AIP, show me the locations of enemy troops. AIP: Sure, I can show you the locations of enemy troops. AIP, no, that's our troops. You also added some clouds in there. AIP: Sorry, I can draw the enemy troops differently. Is this better? No, AIP, those are still our troops. Drawing a camo pattern that looks like a visually distorted rifle around them doesn't change which troops they are. AIP: Sorry about that. I strive to provide accurate results at all times. I removed the camo pattern. Is this better? AIP, now you're just showing their heads. Removing their uniforms from the photo doesn't change what side they're on.

Not seeing how this is better then existing commo stuff…tho its on the cloud (tm).