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Just remember that SSC once said that Trump was fighting for the rights of "Hispanics" (while posing with a taco bowl) (http://archive.is/2oPXg)

TIL the answer to one of life’s nagging questions: Which will happen first, Scott Alexander will admit Donald Trump is a racist or Scott Alexander will quit blogging?

Now, now, let's not be hasty. Scott Alexander has *said* that "Scott Alexander" will quit blogging.
*Treebeard intensifies*
You must understand, young Rationalist, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Rationalism.
lol If a rationalist is being low-key racist in 10000 words or more, does that make it an *entwhistle*?
Very very good

Again, the fact that a pan-alt-right gathering attracted a few hundred people matches my claim that there are probably only a few thousand white supremacists in the US (and is consistent with my claim that they are less influential than Satanists, given that thousands of people have shown up to some Satanist masses).

What in the holy shitfuck are you talking about?!‽

Is this a joke, or does he really believe Satanists hold tangible power in the US, far greater than the alt-right shitlords? And his proof of claim is based on how willing people are to be racist in public (essentially doxxing themselves) versus how willing people are to be goth in public. Yeah, and you panic deleted your entire blog because it was which of those?

> my claim that there are probably only a few thousand white supremacists in the US It'd be cool if there were only a few thousand cops in the US
So many white nationalists have since been revealed to be inside the military or in the cops etc. And then there are the few who are high up in the various administrations.
Some people attempt to plot lines through a single point of data. This guy drew the rest of the fucking owl.
It's not the first time he uses those ridiciulously simplistic and caricatural arguments, while going to great lenghts to deconstruct more complex arguments when they go against his dogmas and favorite ideas.

rationalists just arent smart.

the audacity of saying this while posting in a sub devoted to them is outstanding
Firefighter: Houses burning down is bad Reddit user Dizzlemizzles: the audacity of saying this while working in a job devoted to them is outstanding
Comparing your obsessive internet forum to saving lives is also pretty incredible
I don't think that's the salient part of the analogy.
I'm beginning to believe you don't think very much at all. Has it occurred to you that, unlike firefighters, nobody values Redditors obsessed with people they hate? I can't say I'm fond of the large lack of introspection here either.
If you hate this place so much let me help you leave.
Thank you for the example, dumbass.
you seem like someone who needs to meditate more
> you seem like someone who needs to meditate more I'm almost impressed by how much of an asshole you're able to come across as in relatively few words.
Is it this difficult to have a conversation with you IRL

Prohibiting badly defined “culture wars”, when you think about it for a second, whether intented or unintented, seems like a nice orwelian ploy to let whatever cultural paradigm and implicit assumption scotts agree with pass as unadulterated fact and objectivity, while countering it or even expanding on it to show the implications and ideological paradigms its rooted in can be deemed “culture war”