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I know enough about arguing with antisemites to know this a waste of time

Likewise with Semite worshipers.

Oh yeah, we havin a normal one

In my experience, Sartre was right. Antisemites have a warped relationship to truth and thus can not be reasoned with.
Where did you read about this?
In the man's own words.
WHERE, not who or what. If I'm being too subtle for you I'm mixing a desire to know more and skepticism about whether you're making up such a specific thing. Your reply is making me lean more towards the latter. Give me a source for why *you* believe this so I can decide whether *I* should.
What did they say? Edit: They are referencing a passage from Mein Kampf Chapter Two which is constantly reposted on 4chan and other online far right communities.
Pro-tip: to find a deleted comment on a reddit page, change "reddit" in the URL to "removeddit".
Thank you, this seems correct. /u/FistfullOfCrows's description was accurate.

Love how he’s also like “and you know what else will be the subject of massive historical revisionism? How conservatives were treated on Twitter.”

Wow, I had not expected somebody to go half-mask (E: sorry, was way to charitable here, just full on mask off) on holocaust denial while the eyes of the nerd world are on themotte due to the possible scott doxing.

Also urgh at the pathetic attempts at gotchaing and the ‘carefull now you might get cancelled’. The latter is such a sign of bad faith, I would just ban people on sight for doing it if I was a mottemod.

E:to be fair this is prob a nutter attracted by all the current drama. Considering ssc cancellation has even reached infowars this is going to be a wild ride. Also, stop poking the poop. i was wrong this person was actually arguing that ‘without black people america would be safe’ should be allowed on themotte a while before this holocaust denial started. And this user is a fan of the even more racist subreddit which split off from themotte

He lectured me about how I have some sort of religious commitment to the Holocaust and an inability to deal with a dynamically changing historical narrative, yet he spent the entire argument hung up on what evidence was presented at Nuremberg and whether we can refer to camps with gas chambers used to mass murder people as "death camps"
> religious commitment Aha yes, the old 'you sjws are doing a religion' thing. A remark more made for an imagined debate audience than because it is actually true. (And yes, I do similar things when talking to people and it is annoying, this is also why debates are imho stupid).
Imo it's just projection. It's common for conspiracy theorist to project their own religious commitment to an irrational conspiracy, just take a look at Evolution denialist.
Also totally possible yes,and considering how often it is in fact projection, a lot more plausible.

Ahhh so you are a denier as well

denier is such an ugly word

Someone report that fucker and let’s see what the inevitably hilarious mod response is (I cannot, as I am proudly banned)

Done, I got tired of “debating” this moron. Edit: Banned for a week in the “name of the terror”
Themotte is starting a reign of terror? Damn commies. Scott was right! The red guard is here...
The user in question is now lamenting their censorship and the "purge [of] wrongthink" here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DeclineIntoCensorship/comments/hf13qn/rthemotte_which_pretends_to_be_a_venue_to/
I can't believe their defense is "Holocaust denial isn't against the rules!" the audacity lmaoooo
> Edit: My ban has been extended to a year because I posted it here. [lawls](https://i.imgflip.com/26sy3s.jpg)
> A good point. How can you have a fair discussion if one of the two sides are being silenced. That’s not to say that they are right and wrong, but if you are trying to suppress the ability for people to make decisions on their own, and make decisions for them, you are not in a very good position to begin with. Lmao this dude thinks Holocaust deniers are ever acting in good faith