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Here is my question: are we making the same error of over-focusing on extremely rare public cancelings and vastly over-estimating the probability of this happening? Are we using an echo chamber to work each other up into a furor?

Noooo, really? D’ya think you might be ever so slightly? Shocked pikachu goes here

Working people up in to emotionally activated group thought-forms is one thing the Internet is actually effective at facilitating (aside from capital extraction). It’s a shame we don’t have a shared understanding of the mechanisms of that yet, because it keeps happening spontaneously and uncontrollably in large groups and causing (intended and unintended) results in the non-digital world. Echo chamber-driven paranoia, cancel culture, hashtag trending, etc; all this swarming behavior comes from the same root logic of collective consciousness. But to us right now it looks like chaotic weather patterns, like accidentally getting caught in a lightning storm. Actually no wonder people feel afraid. It’s like living in Ancient Greece and wondering when Zeus is going to come down and boom you. That’s the mythical degree of subjective relationship people have with this phenomenon right now. I guess it would be hard to apply the methods of rationality in the face of that.

Just rationally overlooking that black Americans in general, not limiting by gender or age, make up about 13% of the population of United States and white Americans around 76%, by the 2019 Census.

The Gray Tribe makes up 1% of the population so firing one of them is disproportionate. Gray Tribers are canceled at a rate of 30x that of blue tribers.

Isn’t the point of the comment linked here to note that it’s hypocritical to be concerned about the loss of four jobs? I agree that it’s somewhat revealing that the user thought comparing job losses to deaths was a reasonable way to look at it.

'It is hypocritical to care about the loss of these 4 jobs, just as it is hypocritical for blm to care about the killing of black people, because the cops dont kill that much *unarmed* (there always is this subtle shift to unarmed or non violent) black people'. Look that is very sneerworthy to me. And even if this subtle shift wasnt there, comparing murder to being fired is sneerworthy, as is this weird utilitarian ethics where certain amounts of suffering just isnt worth the effort to care about. (Scotts own fans arguing about giving up on him is funny however). Also believing statistics coming from cops on cops performance is certainly sneerworthy. (Did you know according to the sneersurvey on sneerclubbers our average iq is 202? ;) ) but yes the title is a little bit clickbait, but not that much as people are arguing the fireings are worse than the murders. (Also sneerworthy is accusing the blm movement of nazi tactics over the fireworks weirdness elsewhere in the thread. Reichstag fireworks...). E: and the comments will just get worse over time, just wait. (Just prefill the 'actually it is us the white heterodox man, who are the real oppressed people' on your bingo card). E2: another one for the bingo see how often you can go 'this is just like what Stalin did!' And also sneerworthy, note that none of the 4 cancellations happend this year. They are comparing 1 year of murders with several years of people losing their jobs.
Great points!
This is one of the rationalist cycles where they stop for a second and think "Am I the irrational one here? No, it's the SJWs who are wrong!" This is then used as evidence that they are truly the high-decouplers.

They didn’t even get fired. Charles Murray is still firmly installed at his think tank sinecure. (And they even put his institutional affiliation as Middlebury in the op!) Weinstein and Christakis preemptively resigned. Only James Damore actually got fired.

And the reason he did was that he did this shit *in the workplace itself*.

It’s not the people being mistreated that’s the problem; it’s the principles being discarded.

human rights? well what about principle rights, huh? huh?

Charles Murray getting a mean comment written about him on twitter is more devastating to these sniveling dunces than a twelve year old black kid getting gunned down for being too loud in a public park. They will never change, and never reflect on themselves, they will never grow, and they will never learn anything in their whole benightened lives.

In theory rationalists are athiests, yet they really like to use the words of religion. In this case ‘litany’.

It’s definitely kind of weird, which leads me to think that rationalism is really a religion replacement.

It’s kind of funny that some of the basic axioms of rationalism are pretty high order: the singularity will happen, AGI is inevitable, and probably other stuff too. That’s a big ask, seems to be about as big of as ask as the existence of god.

I’ve never heard “litany” described as a specifically religious term, it might find its source in religion but it’s part of common parlance where I’m from Besides, the user in question is using it sarcastically (in a pretty clear violation of that sub’s rules)
The linked comment said: "we recite the names in a prayerful litany" This is highly religious imagery. Then again, Scott's fanfic "unsong" is clearly a desire to live in a magical world wrapped up in a specific religious perspective.
Immediately edited for clarification, you must have missed it: > Besides, the user in question is using it sarcastically (in a pretty clear violation of that sub’s rules)
Given that the overall message of the comment is generally self-questioning about /r/TheMotte’s discursive ethics I’m genuinely surprised it’s still up