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When the rationalist subculture had its #metoo moment in 2018, after one woman was sexually harassed to the point of suicide, Scott Alexander responded with compassion. lol jk, his considered opinion was "bitches be crazy yo, so who knows what truth even is hey, btw crazy bitch do not listen" (https://archive.is/I85mC)

I was wondering when somebody would bring that up. I was reminded of it when people were saying ‘Scott isn’t a rape apologist’(*). A wizard psychologist should know better.

Just as a hypochondriac can get sick, just so can a delusional person be raped/assaulted. (iirc the latter is more likely, as abusers seem to love an easy target over whom they can put a lot of power, or if it is easy to get away with it). And people in relevant fields should know this. (E: btw, when I talked to people in the medical field in the past, they have told me that the first thing is a thing they try to keep in mind).

E: Btw, small note on this, iirc (I don’t know anybody involved irl, it was brought up when the suicide happend) Kathy here explicity mentioned that she still was pro EA and hoped this wouldn’t destroy the EA community, she devoted her life to altruism and was very much pro altruistic movements, and just wanted the abusers out. So treat this whole story with that in mind, and have some respect. She prob would have been pretty hurt to see this pop up on sneerclub. (And that is also why I try to not bring it up myself).

Of course, sadly this isn’t the only case of sexual abuse in the community (some of which Scott took action against (or had people take action against) like people being banned from going to Rationalist gatherings). But take heed that if you spreading any stories around that you are likely to hurt people who were hurt again. Behave.

What ended up coming of that whole incident and investigation and so on? There were definitely abusers in the scene back then, did they get kicked out?
Before my time. I was just reading ssc then and had no idea of any of this, i just hear about the abuse stuff later.

If I recall correctly this was my breaking point when I originally was on the subreddit - seeing someone mocking her and getting broad support for it. It’s so, so fucked up.

“I realize that attacking someone based on things they disclosed in a suicide note makes me garbage”

It does!

Jesus I read her suicide note. It really is a cult isn't it? She thinks it's the only place to find people who think like her. And that being an SJW means losing her rationality. They really convinced her it's better to be dead than an SJW outcast from their cult.
Yeah, this is nsfw material defo
As for people who were very concerned about his career... Well, we have this. I'd ask 'what would the licensing think' but honestly they probably wouldn't care or see a problem with this. Thus the problem continues.

Something something ethics board.

\*points\* is this an sjw conspiracy
Look, you can't just use direct quotes from scott which were posted Sneerclub, they are in bad faith, you gotta look at the context in which Peterson said it first.

Holy shit that’s evil.

Wow, so empathetic towards the perpetrators of abuse and not the victims, who got their solace in the club he considers second only to feminists in its evil.

Is that right? But he’s got so many defenders.


It’s not verbatim, but it distils the meaning of a lot of commentary on me before I was banned from /r/slatestarcodex and later its spin-offs