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Datacamp exploring legal options against Rstudio: I feel like there may be a SneerClub nexus to this (https://www.datacamp.com/community/blog/rstudio-pending-legal-matter)

So here’s the story:

  • Datacamp is an SF-area startup.
  • Datacamp CEO sexually assaults an employee a while ago. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/daveyalba/datacamp-sexual-harassment-metoo-tech-startup
  • Datacamp tries to cover it up and make excuses and is really a very hostile shitty working environment.
  • The entire R data science community, especially the women, rally behind the employee and say FUCK DATACAMP.
  • A bunch of those people are employees of R Studio.
  • ????
  • I guess Datacamp is trying to sue for defamation? LOLOL.

Anyway, I think there may be a SneerClub nexus, given the SF-area tech bro startup nature of this. However, I’m not sure of this, so I’m just laying it out there.

By "may be a SneerClub nexus" I mean there may be rationalists involved, not that those factors may be enough to say it belongs here.
fucking hell, their lawyer's been repeatedly answering every single poster on twitter too are you SURE you aren't lesswrongers
I have no idea what this is about but there is no way I’m letting a brand new account astroturf for...something...on this subreddit
1. Fine. I was misled by the reference to it as "Silicon Valley". 2. Victim described it as repeated unwanted sexual contact, try again. That report is hardly exculpatory in any sense. 3. Okay, so? What's legally actionable there?

IANAL but I gather illegal defamation of a public entity like a company is exceptionally difficult to prove in US courts, and if they actually do bring this to court they could expose themselves to a detailed process of “discovery” in which their dirtiest of laundry must be brought into the public record to (dis)prove the claims that RStudio made repeated from reputable sources (do they have to prove RStudio knew the information was false?). Plus the home states of both Datacamp and RStudio have anti-SLAPP laws that punish plaintiffs who file meritless defamation lawsuits.

So if my limited understanding of these matters is correct, I wouldn’t be surprised if “initial legal steps have been taken”, i.e. paying some bigshot law firm for a single meeting so you can put their name in a scary blog post that’s not even a cease-and-desist, is as far as this Streisanding goes.


Together we have reskilled millions of individuals

“Reskilling individuals” does sound like something that happens in a camp.

One thing I've noticed is how certain "engineer types" think the world works according to their hyper literalist readings of whatever they think they understand, all the time stubbornly not understanding how the world actually works. When they run smack in the face of "lol nerd," plus consequences, they spiral into their victim complex, all while stubbornly not learning anything. Round and round it goes. Which, given the fact they're often terrible human beings, is hilarious to watch.
man, I was just thinking, remember when sneering was just watching Eliezer do literally this over people saying that the science in HPMOR was wrong? simpler times. but no, now the rationalist sphere has slowly veered Nazi, metoo gets met with notallmen, and everything is srs business.
c.f. SSC's entire allergic reaction to the NYT
I'm not a lawyer but the CEO of the company is arguably a limited purpose public figure at the least, so there would be an "actual malice" standard, so, yeah, they'd pretty much have to prove they thought the information was false.

A key part of their misinformation campaign is the distribution, and supporting the distribution, of an article published by BuzzFeed in May of 2019 that misrepresented an incident and DataCamp’s follow-up response to it from October 2017.

We’re suing over you, um, distributing a news article on us. It was uh out of context!

I regret ever using datacamp.