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The neoreactionary end of the Slate Star Codex fandom on how to deal with the perfidious fourth estate: we could, uh, h@xx0r their g1bs0ns? (https://twitter.com/punch_sideiron/status/1278467926086111234)

Somehow this is even an sadder variation on the guys stockpiling guns in their garages hoping that they’re going to be made a general in Confederate Guerilla Force 2.0. Here we have nerds going “will no one rid of me of this meddlesome New York Times?!” and hoping someone else in the comments section of their favorite blog is an elite hacker.

oh, and not just any elite hacker, but on the order of nation states, which makes Peter "blood boy" Thiel's Gawker grudge look cute by comparison.
me after I'm sent to detention for bringing up human biodiversity too many times in math class: "the only legitimate stance towards Mr. Davis's third period honors pre-calc is now one of pitiless war without honor or end. if anyone here has access to nuclear weapons, please aid me"
I wonder how many will ultimately end up conscripted by DPRK, and how many by FBI agents masquerading as DPRK for entrapment purposes.

the only legitimate stance towards the press is now one of pitiless war without honor or end

Ah yes, I see, having a very normal and definitely not fascist one here

Imagine getting so mad over a mediocre blog.

(this comment has been applicable to rationalists ever since Eliezer Yudkowsky started blogging.)

Question: Has Scott posted literally any screenshot or anything verifying that he was going to have his last name revealed? or did he just claim that?

Just an amazing acceleration from the blog closing to WE NEED A STUXNET

this is an empty threat, even their big brained leaders have never coded a thing in their fuckin life (aaronson excluded, but he’s smart enough to say why this is an incredibly stupid idea)

>import pytorch Look at me, I am the thought leader now.
Also Aaronson is more a theorist than an infosec guy, he'd know he doesn't have the particular skills to do that

These guys really are cos-playing as serious people aren’t they?

(Maybe that’s insulting to cos-players: at least cos-players know they’re participating in a piece of make-believe.)

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