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Look, Scott just fearlessly explores ideas. It's not like he personally gives his own money to Quillette or Eric S. Raymond or something, jeez (https://archive.is/6Avrb)

Wait, Scott gives money to ArdaCraft? Oh god oh fuck is Minecraft political now??

Another tangent: Look, if Scott didn’t want to have to explain “Radicalizing the Romanceless” to an ethics board, he shouldn’t have written “Radicalizing the Romanceless.”

> Oh god oh fuck is Minecraft political now?? [Notch](https://mobile.twitter.com/notch/status/936215345400033280) sure.
who tf is Notch, Minecraft was made by some singing robot anime waifu wasn't it??


I'm struggling to think what you might mein.

Always a good time to reboot your career with Quillette if you’re a skull measurer.

Also Wildbow, who deserves a better fanbase than the rationalists, although I guess they do have lots of disposable income.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how successful he's gotten. It's nice to see some web serial authors starting to really do well for themselves.

look, “defend to the death” clearly means “give money to”

a communist socialist radical from the communist socialist radical new york times forced him to donate to eric s “black people are not technically human” raymond

Never heard of Eric S Raymond. Just read the Political Beliefs and Activism section on his Wikipedia page. What the fuck.

see below for more!!

I don’t really care about ESR. The guy is a bit of an eccentric but that’s not a crime.

Supporting Quillette on the other hand is in fact criminal. Like, wtf is he thinking…

ESR stating his intention to shoot white protestors on sight: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=8708 ESR hopping on board the coronavirus as bioweapon train: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=8587 ESR blithely saying that Blacks have an average IQ of 85: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=8481 That’s just the highlights of the last year, without dipping into comments.
On why he had a visceral negative reaction to an unnamed ethnic group, which is says is *not* descended from Africans: "One was: their skin color looks *fecal*. The other was: their bone structure *doesn’t look human"* [http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=5001](http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=5001)
Sub-Saharan Africans, to be precise. I always wonder who he was talking about when I’m reminded of that one.
what the actual fuck
you'll be glad to know ESR isn't racist, though. Just ask him!
>I’ve had black girlfriends and might not implausibly have ended up married to one of them
"my dick is less racist than my brain"
I have to say "This racist moment I just had and am now explicating in minute detail serves as proof of how not racist I am" is a pretty bold strategy.
It is weird that out of 19, one of them is ESR and the other is Quilette. I thought he was a grey tribe both sides centrist. Where are the 30% of non crazy feminists he supports? [And ESR threatened to shoot 'antifa', and went outside with a gun, assuming any white rioter would be antifa](http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=8708) (He also wrong in saying that the white nats are disguised commies, some neo-nazi types were caught after killing a few cops trying to start the race war). (this post and the thread/threat is a nice example of why the libertarian non-aggression idea is crazy, ESR thinks this was the right thing to do... ).
If you read Quillette, let alone value them enough to support them on Patreon, you’re not a centrist.
That's the thing. The SSC crowd lacks the perspective to see that quillette is right wing.
No you see he is simply balancing the scales! The left receives so much funding from the Cathedral while the poor right wing media languishes, nary a benefactor in sight!
Yes, im just repeating the common story of SSC.
I'd donate to Quilette's patreon if Claire Lemons posted feet
Thanks for sharing
Wouldn’t you?
No. Maybe if it were someone else, with better feet.
God ESR is an insecure prick. I recall once, long ago, he claimed to be an "alpha male" because waitresses smiled at him.
Are you confusing ESR with Scott Adams?
No, but I realize that it wasn't clear that I'm joking about Scott Alexander so I'm cancelling my post. AMA about getting silenced (by myself).
how did it feel to be cancelled by the reprehensible toxoplasmotic low-decoupling socjus deathist son1dow
It feels like I haven't got a voice anymore, you know. Like I can be as right as a centrist youtuber and they'll just look to target me, and they won't likely stop at silencing speech. /u/son1dow debate me on you being a resentful beta cuck, coward
sorry did you type something, Reddit's social justice filter just let through "..."
my god, your fearless and transgressive free speech is *incendiary*, sir
Do you have a patreon, and are you willing to talk to Molyneux about your cancelling on youtube? ([too soon](https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/29/21307303/youtube-bans-molyneux-duke-richard-spencer-conduct-hate-speech), I hear the molyneux fans cry).
I had a Patreon but it got brutally silenced by Stalinists when I had no choice but to delete it after the conservative Lauren Southern and liberalist Sargon of Akkad were whacked by them. Stay in tune for an upcoming video on subscribestar where I discuss how censorious the left has become, as well as dive deep into anthropology with a pro-European bitchuter Vikernes.
there's a difference?