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In case they get cancelled, like the bad subreddits, SSC, totally not a bad subreddit, made a new forum. (https://www.reddit.com/r/SneerClub/comments/hksst3/in_case_they_get_cancelled_like_the_bad/)


Post on ssc (And the person lying about us calling Scott a racist for donating to Quilette has a bit of a racist history themselves (which is impressive for a 12 day old account))

Bonus content: http://prntscr.com/tbfoqw (Which one of you made that account?)

Why is critical theory so hard to understand? (sociology is not my field, but some of you might be entertained)

Worst (alive) person in the world (one of the reactions: ‘Not a serious answer: the reporter who wanted to dox Scott.’)

E: also, no brigading or making ‘ironic’ topics please, just behave. (don’t make me ragret linking this)

E2: Another one This forum has 90% more flashing image signatures, animated avatars, party like it is 2002 again! (Rip blink tag) and their SSC selfpromotion post Both the subreddit introduction post and the initial forum page are nice examples of the tendency to become a dying wizard.

Ah, a forum circa 1997.

To be fair, there's a point to be made that the classic message board format is superior to reddits in some aspects. Not that I expect this to make much use of those advantages.
they used Simple Machines too the awful forum software that everyone with it tries to move off, to XenForo or something actually modern and supported

But what we put up with should be decided by people within the community, not by whatever mob is culturally dominant in Silicon Valley.

Ya don’t say, lol

its a matter of time before AHS and the like target SSC and TheMotte

wasn’t that season 7

No idea I stopped watching after they made the season in which the main character 'secretly had a secret identity all along', it just broke my immersion, esp after his super name was almost the same as his real name. What kind of 'Clark Kent wears glasses as a disguise' BS was that?
turns out a significant proportion of the internet was part of sneerclub all along.

Brb, making an account to post in the Meetup Information subforum to ask whether it’s true that the meetups are a place to discuss HBD/other racist stuff

I’m having FLASHBACKS to my teenagehood

Edit: From that another one page:

Long ago, before the days when “the Internet” referred to four hellish websites owned by publicly-traded corporations, people felt a certain kinship with posts – and with the places they posted. But we’ve seen it get worse and worse over the course of the last few years, and today – July 4, 2020 – to post online usually means to participate in a demented society where the effortposter and shitposter alike are bound by the cruelty of the algorithm… the artist fears the censor… and the debater fears the ratio.

As someone who has spent the last 15 years online, let me tell you that there were never any effortposters anyway.

Also, their forum is full of shitposts

Ah, moving your discussion to a non-reddit location in the wake of mass-bannings of white supremacist subreddits. Totally the actions of a blameless sub.

To be fair, the new forum was created before the recent reddit banwave, but it is still the created out of fear of being cancelled for saying bad shit. 'Having a platform that can't be pulled out from under us if we want to say something unfashionable is definitely a good thing in this age of Cancel Wars.'
I'm not disagreeing that SSC and TheMotte are harboring a ton of racists, but I could also totally see creating your own site after the recent bans because they just seem irregularly enforced. r/itsafetish and r/MGTOW for instance both have pretty damning hateful content similar to what was banned (transphobia and misogyny respectively) but have not been banned. I just don't trust Reddit to enforce these rules. I don't think "decent" subs (ie, this one) are at much risk of being banned, but I just don't like giving the company, Reddit, power like this over what conversations are allowed and what aren't. Of course they're free to ban whatever content they'd like, they're a private corporation, but Reddit is so widely used that it's concerning when bans are enforced in unclear ways.
> getting banned for supporting John Brown I guess the rumors are true, spez wants slaves. /s