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This sub is welcoming of but not designed around the idea of ex-rationalists finding a new online home

This sub clearly believes that rationalism has a lot of flaws, and that rationalists could improve a lot as people. This seems like an easy and low-effort way to get rationalists exposed to criticism of rationalism (since many rationalists talk about this sub by name and there is already content here from ex-rationalists), without changing the focus of the sub. I'm not proposing that this sub should change in content or focus. I find it confusing that you think that rationalists should change as people, but also that this sub shouldn't direct them to posts that help them do that. Have I misunderstood something about what you're saying here?
I didn’t say anything about rationalists changing as people, so that’s weird of you to say All I’m saying - and in a rare moment of open-mindedness I left this post up without removing it - is that this sub is supposed to primarily fun, and we build it around that idea If something else good comes out of it then even better, but the point is explicitly to take the piss
> sub is supposed to primarily fun I always did wonder why you guys left my links to Harry Potter fanfic up.
Sorry, clearly I didn't explain myself very well. It sounds like this policy has been around for a while and it might not be worth trying to rephrase my argument. Thanks for the explanation!
>rationalists could improve a lot as people Can they?

I’m personally fine with a completely ignorant person coming in, asking what this place is about, and either (1) Getting mad online and making an ass of themself, or (2) prompting some new semi-effort (or better!) takes from older members.

However, if mods get sick of it, having a “wtf is this place” link might help. Good start!

Makes sense! IMO they post their "WTF"s elsewhere: [https://twitter.com/DanielleFong/status/1275633903638896640](https://twitter.com/DanielleFong/status/1275633903638896640)
it never gets old reading their takes tho Edit: i'm blocked :(

Here’s the first part of the sequences:


Rationalists seeking to join us must derive three (3) contradictions between the labor theory of value and neoclassical economics and record a video renouncing their sins whilst flogging themselves. Thus they purify mind and soul.



More than average on reddit, maybe, but by a long shot not the most common affiliation