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Geoffrey Miller at it again. (https://i.redd.it/n9j0u592ww681.jpg)


bro we literally have trotskyites trying to incite a proletarian revolution via print media and eating each other over which font has the most revolutionary potential, there is far more mocking comedic potential in leftism than "lol trans people exist". fuck i mean look up nathan j. robinson
That's always the issue with right attempts at comedy. It's not that there aren't things about the left that aren't funny and or mockery worthy, you are completely correct about Nathan J. Robinson, it's that the right is incapable of coming up with some sort of comedy that isn't punching down. That's why the only joke they have these days is "I identify as", because they can't come up with something that isn't just being an asshole to trans people. Mocking disadvantaged minorities is all they've got.
it's like the reaction they shoot for isn't laughter but offense, real or imagined. sacrificing your sense of humor to trigger the libs. their political comedy is political before it's comedy. can i imagine one of the people from one of those "SJWs BRUTALIZED by SMART and CORRECT PATRIOTS (pt. 27)" videos being upset about this? then it's comedy! then they interpret the exhausted groans, dunking and counter-humor as offense, and that's apparently a better reaction to a joke you tell than laughter. it's no wonder /r/onejoke is all they need.
They are too ignorant of ideology to ever get that far. They spend all their time getting worked up over very minor inconveniences or even imaginary threats. Let’s face it: they aren’t that deep.
Thought this was relevant; https://youtu.be/KSXKzPOcYDU
Ah, I remember the 8 hour discussion of 'should we put a questionmark at the end of our slogan or not'. E: perhaps also funny to note, this means we spend 8 times as long discussing the slogan than it was actually visible in the wild, because the cops told us we couldn't keep up the slogan longer than that, and they forced us to remove it. (Which, granted, was nice of them, as they apparently knew exactly what we had planned and were waiting for us when everybody arrived to put the slogan up).
But no one has heard of whatever you're talking about whereas every single person in north America is very aware of the trans issue
Isn’t the fact that nobody knows about Nathan J Robinson a condemnation of your entire side? Like, it’s your fucking job to make him an avatar of the left and mock him, but y’all just fucking suck at this.
I don't know what "side" you think I'm on, but I don't know who Nate Robinson is and I don't believe you that he is an avatar of the left as I've never heard of him
Oh, you don’t need to tell me what side you claim you’re on, only one side thinks that making fun of trans people is funny. So spare me your too little and too late lies. As far as Nathan J Robinson not being an avatar of the left. No shit, you fool. I said it was your job to *make* him into an avatar of the left, not that he already is an avatar of the left. Work on your reading comprehension.
I'm not gonna make this random guy I've never heard of into the avatar of the left lol. I have no interest in creating an avatar for the left whatever you think that means lol. Also I haven't made fun of anyone and I'm sure I don't fit into whatever "side" youre thinking of. For example I am very politically left wing if you're trying to imply I am a conservative
>For example I am very politically left wing if you're trying to imply I am a conservative What did I tell you about "too little too late" lies? Sure, you're politicallyleft and yet you make "jokes" about the trans "issue", because everyone on the left can't help but accidentally use Nazi dog whistles. How are you so bad at this? It almost takes effort to be some comically bad at shitposting as you are.
Uh huh. Sure. Now fuck off.
Are you disbeliving that not every left wing person agrees with you on every issue? Lol
>Are you disbeliving that not every left wing person agrees with you on every issue? Lol It's genuinely impressive how bad your reading comprehension is.
So was that "sure" of yours genuine then? I assumed it was sarcastic. But I've seen the same response if you even slightly mention the idea that trans rights are confusing or complicated a bunch of people come out of the woodwork to scream how conservative you are lol
Yeah, strange how if you hate on the same people that conservatives hate, people jump to conclusions that maybe you're a conservative. Weird! Coincidence, I'm sure. There's no way that the internet isn't full of liars claiming that they're left except for whatever the culture war issue on the right is for the day. Nope, no way that would ever happen.
Where did I hate? Also I really dont think trans rights are as much of a left/right issue as the mainstream media would have you believe.
>the trans issue in keeping with historical precedent, may i suggest "The Trans Question"? anyway, if your imagination and creativity are so limited that you seriously can't find anything legitimate to make fun of leftism for (as opposed to "lol these people i don't like exist"), i guess just keep making attack helicopter jokes or whatever. if you stick to rightwing circles, you'll always have an audience; they seem to be fine laughing at one joke told 500 times. no accounting for taste i guess
Sure I'll try to say trans question rather than trans issue. But fyi, I would say gay marriage issue as well do describe US states and don't mean "issue" in any negative way. But such is the language police these days. The trans question is inherently interesting to people because it actually affects their life and they don't understand what they are being told to believe. Could you name one single left-wing issue that is as interesting and funny as the trans question?
Because you seem to be a moron, they were calling you a nazi. That’s what the bit about “issue” vs “question” was about. But like most good turns of phrase, it went right over your head.
Ohhhhh I finally understand they were comparing me to Nazis......... That was a pretty subtle reference, I don't think I've heard the phrase "Jewish question" since grade 10 "Because you seem to be a moron, they were calling you a Nazi." ...... Sounds about right lol
fwiw, i wasn't calling you a Nazi. it just always unnerves me that a group of human beings are considered an "issue" or "problem", and i was communicating that discomfort in a witty way. but really, if you check out [the wikipedia article for "the Jewish Question"](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_question), it's a pretty apt comparison imo: >The Jewish question, also referred to as the Jewish problem, was a wide-ranging debate in 19th- and 20th-century European society that pertained to the appropriate status and treatment of Jews. The debate, which was similar to other "national questions", dealt with the civil, legal, national, and political status of Jews as a minority within society, particularly in Europe during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. so yeah, i wasn't comparing you to the Nazis, I was comparing this framing where trans people are an "issue" for society at large to figure out to a couple centuries ago when Jewish people were that "issue", which went beyond the Nazis. I wasn't talking about you personally, but about the framing, which supercedes you.
I'm confused lol.... So they weren't saying it's a problem to use the word issue? What are the "national questions". I tried to Google it but didn't see anything
God I wish it affected other people's lives as much as they think it does. Leave me alone.
You thought you were being funny?

my vaccine identifies as an attack helicopter

i already tell people i’m an attack helicopter whenever they maliciously ask “what are you supposed to be” in public
People ask you if you’re an attack helicopter?
It's the tail rotor that gives them away...

Immunity kind of is a spectrum, though? Like, people who had the virus seem to get some immunity, but not as much as being vaccinated, and different vaccines have different rates of effectiveness, and whether you’ve had a booster shot or not obviously affects it as well.

That has nothing to do with ‘identifying with being vaccinated’ though.

It is just transphobia
for sure. it's funny that his example of applying 'crazy leftist ideology' to vaccines is still kinda true
And there is a spectrum on the psychological side, too, with die-hard QAnon believers refusing vaccines under all circumstances, but also people who make noise about refusing them but take advantage of a mandate to save face ("I only got it because my job made me")...
yeah it's a spectrum of immune response, it's kinda ironic he is self owning there.
I've had 3 shots and covid... I now lick door handles with pure immunity.

It’s a fascinating window into conservative psychology. And not much else.

Yes mate, we know that. And they did a horrible job at it, to the point where they exposed their own supreme ignorance in the process of making those jokes. Although to be honest, that describes pretty much all of "conservative humor", so I can't fault you for not being surprised about it. Be presented with something new, refuse to make any effort to understand it after the first 25 seconds of encountering it, then make relentless fun of whatever idiotic preconception you made up in your mind in those first 25 seconds. If it makes someone upset that you got the thing wrong in those 25 seconds, all the better. Someone getting mad means you win because apparently growing up past the mental age of 12 is just a leftist thing to do.
Respecting someone's identity not only doesn't harm anyone it quite literally prevents harm to that individual. Not getting vaccinated actively puts those around you at risk of harm. Someone asking to be treated as X does not require them to have any kind of medical procedure, sure they can choose to, but they don't need to. Vaccination is a medical procedure, asking others to treat you like you have received the vaccine when you have not, is not the same at all.
I refuse to believe you've been alive for this long up until 2021 and you still have not heard one single person inform you that gender and sex are not the same thing and that transgender people have never intended and will never intend to change their biological sex. Like there's no way. You can't be that closed inside your echo chamber to have never read about this. Come on now man.
Well, as the old adage goes; Facts don't care about your feelings. We can conclude this conversation now, thanks for coming everyone.
Calling something meaningless sure sounds like a personal opinion. Especially because someone who identifies as transgender could very easily say to you that it holds meaning to them, which is their opinion. So once again, facts don’t care about your feelings. Bing bong.
The ones you said you “reject” when u/Sergnb chef’d you up a plate. Rejecting facts doesn’t make them any less true it just shows us your level of ignorance and disconnect from reality.
I’m not going to repeat what others have already said for you to say you “reject” them. I’ll just go do literally anything else with my time in fact, good day.
Then why do conservatives care so much about it?
Where is this army of rabid leftists knocking down your door forcing to call a transgender (biological) man a “real” woman? Or did you just see a few people on twitter or Facebook saying some shit that rustled your jimmies so now you’re a hardlined bigot that can’t get enough Ben Shapiro and Fox News? When are you ever going to be in a situation that this thing you have such a strong opinion about will ever fucking matter? Just let them live their fucking lives, if they want to call themselves a woman what the fuck is the problem? Is it harming you in some way? Does it actually affect you or your life in any meaningful way at all? Like it’s just fucking sad that people have such little respect for others that they can’t even try to think from a perspective outside of their own. It’s fucking 2021 grow the fuck up butter cup.
I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this: >If you believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist, then you must allow Israel to transfer the Palestinians and the Israeli-Arabs from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Israel proper. It’s an ugly solution, but it is the only solution... It’s time to stop being squeamish. ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: healthcare, climate, sex, covid, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)
Good bot.
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Do you think that "man" or "woman" refers to anything other than "do you have a Y chromosome or not?"
> There are plenty of differences between men and women besides just their chromosomes. But chromosomes are the basis of those differences. Like? Remember that you have to prove that those differences aren't socialized beyond a reasonable doubt, because *that* would be gender. You have to prove that they're genetic.
How lazy and low effort. I want you to prove that each of those differences is due to genetics and not due to socialization.
Buddy I pointed out why you were wrong and you might as well have said "Christmas trees are sometimes green" with how little relevance your response has. You didn't address anything I said, just repeated the same tired old BS I've been hearing for 10 years
Being a women is not the same as chromosomal sex. It is socially accepted behaviors and expressions. Sex isn't a binary and there is wide range of human expression of sex. Just the same as gender. Cultures the world over recognized complex different gender expressions. Gender expression changes constantly with society. Claiming it is meaningless by fiat is reductive nonsense no logic used to claim gender meaningless can be applied to any human category. Human category are made to fit people not people made to fit categories. The best way to help a bunch of awesome humans is to accept their transition. It is 100% the most effective way and your just being an unempathetic ass.
I remember someone talking about "biological pronouns", as though within the balls the pronoun "he" is stored somehow.
no, *pee* is stored in the balls
And a dolphin can lactate all it wants, it's still a God damn fish!!
https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/583655-hogfather The point is that language and definitions are not objective. Things we value and are worthwhile social constructs arent quantifiable objective It's a fools errand to sit here and try to claim that a categorical identity as objective fact. It is hurting people and making the world worst off for zero benefit. I know this sub would rightfully critize Scott alexander but below is a really well written article on the subject. https://slatestarcodex.com/2014/11/21/the-categories-were-made-for-man-not-man-for-the-categories/
Are you ignorant to the fact the whole gender fluid movement has caused perhaps irreparable harm to women’s sports? In martial arts women have been beaten to a pulp by biological males identifying as women. Or the move to allow males identifying as women to use the women’s restrooms etc etc. The idea that the gender fluid movement is harmless is pure ignorance. It’s just getting started too, we haven’t seen the full extent of what the changes in policy to accomodate this will do, there will be plenty of caving to previously inconceivable demands under the movement to freely choose your gender. The idea it will be limited to formalities in terms of individual address is laughably naive
Yeah it's trans people who are at fault for some sports organization not having appropriate rules to keep people safe.
And how are any of these even worth talking about when there's so many other urgent problems? How does the right allow their priorities to be defined by the "left" so much?
"Reactionary" pretty much sums it up
Too even begin to respond to this I'd have to pretend I care even the slightest about sports of any kind. But the fact your entire argument is "all trans people are male predators" stops me from even trying that. I actually live in this community, not some made up BS world. I know what trans people are like, who they are, and it's not what you think. Not that arguing with you has any point whatsoever. You aren't here to have your mind changed. You just want to anonymously spout the same old bullshit I've heard time and time again and move on with a shit eating grin thinking you have 'won'
how can you think that gender and vaccination status are one-to-one equivalent?
Vaccination status is a biological reality. Gender is socially constructed. How are they in any way comparable?
if you're talking about biological sex then I guess that's true. I don't think any trans people believe they can change their biological sex just by declaring it, though
Also, there are more than 2 biological sexes. There are a couple of different ways that X and Y chromosomes can be arranged and still produce a viable (if sometimes sterile) human.
>They have their own bathrooms and sports leagues and other segregated spaces because of their biological differences from men. Ah, now you're overextending a bit. Biological sex can't be changed by declaration, but elements of it certainly can be changed through medical procedures. If the reason why you don't want trans women to have access to women's sports leagues because of physical differences, what do you say to trans women who have been on hormones for a long time, or transitioned pre-puberty, such that the relevant physical differences are insignificant? If the reason why you don't want trans women in women's bathrooms is because they have penises, what about trans women that have surgically altered their genitals? In fact, if the reason why you don't respect the gender identity of trans people is because of biological factors, what about any number of scenarios where their biology doesn't matter at all? What's the biological basis for the singular 'she'? In that sense the comparison to vaccination is apt, because you can't declare yourself vaccinated, but you can quite easily transition from not being vaccinated to being vaccinated.
Everyone knows she/her pronouns are stored in the female biological woman’s uterus. Male biological men have no uteri (uteruses?) and two balls: one to store “he” and another for “him”. That’s Biology 101!
Do you think bathroom usage *isn't* cultural? That it's somehow assigned by God at birth because you've got a dick? You're conflating social structure with biology. Males and females have some distinctions at birth (less than you might think), but those distinctions don't drive bathroom usage, sport participation, or segregated spaces by necessity. All of that is socially determined. Which is why plenty of cultures *don't* do things that way and the world hasn't exploded as a result. The science isn't strictly supportive of the binary either. Chromosomes aren't 100% accurate in determining sex on top of intersex people exiting and people without primary sex organs. If you define "male" as "has a dick/testes," you might be surprised to learn you're barring biological males from the classification they fit into. Are you actually interested in the science, or are you just using science as a pretense to be a jerk to people you don't understand?
It definitely isn't. High heels used to be the fashion for men. Pink wasn't a gender-coded color until the 20th century. Most societies until VERY recently didn't distinguish bathrooms by gender. Bring ignorant of history isn't an excuse for being shitty.
Most babies wore dresses for their first few years regardless of their sex until the 1900s. There are pictures of Theodore Roosevelt in a dress at the age of like 2. It’s incredible how many people just assume that the way things are at their birth is the way things have always been. It’s a real smooth brained way to view the world.
does Miller actually identify as conservative or are you just assuming his political orientation because he's a childish asshole
Oh, that’s a quality sneer.
Hi, I’m a transgender woman. I am indeed a woman as my brain only functions correctly with cis female hormone levels and my deeply held mental map informs me every day that my body is wrong, in addition to countless other realities of my existence that give me confirmation of that fact. Nice to meet you.
T makes me anxious and dissociative when I have cis male typical levels in my system. If I miss even a single dose of E/T blockers I feel like I’ve been physically poisoned. Body dysmorphia is a curable psychological issue. Gender dysphoria is a physiological issue created by an innate incongruence curable only by transition. It doesn’t go away and you can have it without ever being aware of it. But of course you weren’t being genuine in asking that.
The ol' Doing SoMe Violence protocol sometimes works.
It’s not, they’re related. That’s why the vast majority of people have congruent sex and gender and the minority that are incongruent have to transition. I really don’t owe you an explanation for any of this. It’s on you to go learn about trans people and stop assuming you know everything about them well enough to harass them all day in the comments here. Maybe find a different sub if you’re unwilling.
I’m not a big fan of the “social construct” theory of gender where we pretend it’s just social categories that can be dissolved (“abolished”) at any minute with no biological/neurological basis, as you can tell. There wouldn’t be a basis for dysphoria let alone the incredibly consistent and predictable experiences it produces. We’re not that conceptually difficult to understand - because of abnormalities in the prenatal hormone environment our brains feminize or masculinize while our body does the opposite (as these happen via different processes) and so we end up in the wrong body. That said, I don’t think it’s particularly *nice* or accurate of you to go around calling transgender women men and insisting their existence is just a product of trauma. We deal with enough shit as it is; we don’t need you adding to it.
\#triggered \#cope \#shrekhentai
Denying the very existence of people like me and insisting we’re all mentally ill is infinitely less polite than swearing at you.
It’s for the other people reading, not him. I know he’s acting in bad faith.
And succeeding.
If you don’t already understand the differences I legitimately don’t know where to begin explaining it to you. But a good start is you should get out and talk to people, specifically trans people, more.
I can actually
Is it really childish to say that trans-people are people when the World Heath Organization and DSM V both are on the “leftist” side?
No one says trans-people aren’t people in plain language. Saying that is basically indefensible. Instead, they say things like “trans-men aren’t really men.” To take away someone’s identity is a part of taking away their personhood. You may and probably do firmly believe that they are people, but also believe they are *wrong* people. If you write off being trans as factually incorrect (which the medical community doesn’t), you’re not only taking away their personhood, you’re creating justification to take away things like healthcare from trans-people, which many desperately need. I’m not arguing that every person is correct when they feel like they are not their assigned gender. I am saying that the existence of even one person who is correct in their assessment necessitates a careful approach to handling trans issues. Not only that, but using this thinking to ignore actual scientific consensus about trans-people, that they exist and usually need gender therapy and/or sex change surgical operations, is simply recklessly wrong. You can disagree with the WHO or the fact that the DSM V no longer includes transgenderism or transsexuality as mental illnesses, but the burden of proof rests on you; you have to explain why they are wrong. I would recommend looking into the other side of the argument. You seem well-versed in the conservative arguments on the “trans issue,” why not look into the liberal arguments. And not the ones made on Twitter either. Actually academic/informative literature.
> But men don't have the right to go into women's bathrooms. And vice-versa. Lol, always funny when transphobes just make shit up. Stop you violated the bathroom law, all your stolen goods are now forfeit! (E: sex based rights have not been a thing since the suffragettes, who fought hard to get rid of it!)
Why not? On what basis can a trans man not use a men’s bathroom? Again, you’re not automatically wrong for thinking that, but the burden of proof is on you. You need to prove that such a societal difference matters (I believe you commented somewhere else that gender is a meaningless categorization) so in the case of bathrooms, you’d have to prove that bathrooms are divided by sex instead of gender. Additionally, you’d have to prove why *Doe v. Regional School Unit* and other case law is wrong.
Are you that fucking stupid that you can't recognize a 4chan-esque obvious troll? I could figure this shit out when I was 12. What the fuck is wrong with you?
I'm not. I'm also not a complete fucking idiot, thankfully.
Haha, correct my good man or good ma'am.
Well, I'd rather hit myself in the head with a hammer than try to explain why their "humor" doesn't work.
It's not clear what you're trying to say.
You're a literal teenager.
Hey here's something that's also not an argument: go fuck yourself Did this post get x-posted to a conservative daycare or something? There seem to be a bunch of chodes completely out of place in here
Actually it was just the only ‘joke’ conservatives seem to have. You seem to always make a very dumb point and think you’re being profound.
I see funny left wing humor all the time. Most of it requires an actual understanding of the topic.
They are being mocked for their simplistic worldview and complete failure to understand anything that’s not spoon fed to them. Telling that conservatives take almost EVERYTHING at face value.

He makes a good point, being vacced or not isn’t on a binary, esp with boosters 1 or 2 primary shots and decli…

Ow wait, it actually is just transphobia, what a piece of shit.

‘By their own rules’, what a nice strawman. Doesn’t even make sense, the left/progressive already make it very clear that this isn’t some sort of general rule, as we don’t do the transracial thing, even if the onejokers love to joke about it (this makes me wonder how many onejokers outed themselves as pedos by doing the onejoke but for age and then going way to far)).

Anyway, doctors will not accept them as transvacced unless they first lived for 12 years as socially vacced.

(E: being able to just openly joke about this also just goes to show how overblown the RW fear of cancel culture is. This guy teaches at a uni iirc. And hey, if you can’t control yourself enough to not tweet out hate, perhaps you shouldn’t be allowed to teach (how is that for being internally consistent)).

As someone with a trans sister this is physically painful to read.

Few things cause me to emit a guttural groan quite like this.

for me what’s most annoying is people thinking they’re clever when they say stuff like this
I know right?
Honestly, I don't even want to respond to this. But my little sister doesn't deserve to be mocked on the Internet. At this point I don't even get it, what is it you gain from hurting others? You saw my comment, you must understand that this is a sensitive subject, and yet, you push it anyway. I don't even care if you don't support her, but you don't need to go around hurting others just for fun, no matter what you believe.
Glance the dude’s profile. He “collects” Nazi memorabilia. There’s not much hope for him.
So sadist huh? Do you get off on hurting others? It would be so awful if we were accepting others and saw other humans happy. But guess we're stuck with your worthless ass
You need to quit vaping.


primalpoly, more like primalnotfunny!

The person he is quoting tweeinting – Jack Murphy – is one of the most pathetic people in the manospehre. Divorced dad accused of raping his wife and has a restraining order against him – and then he starts a youtube channel blamming the feminists for his problems.

You’d have a hard time convincing me that that’s not the backstory of every single member of the “manosphere”.

I’m trying to decide what “Transvaxxite” sounds like, and it’s down to either “a rare ore containing cobalt and rhodium”, or “an alien species from an obscure Star Wars tie-in comic, circa 1985”.

I know you are making a joke here but it does need to be remarked that they are intending to make it sound like "transvestite" which, in case you are not familiar, is the kind of terminology many transphobes use to refer to trans people derogatorily. Just the cherry on top of the bigot cake.
The *Star Wars* aliens from the 1985 tie-in comic would have a gimmick where they are all hermaphrodites, like how there is a species of squid people literally named the Mon Calamari. It would be nuclear levels of cringe.
I'm sorry what?

my brain just filled in Cartman as the avatar photos. No lie. I literally surprised myself when I checked twice.

They have one fucking joke. One.

I’m going to commit a hate crime

I have no clue WTF he’s even trying to say. Vax is bad? Vax is like being trans? Source : drunk

With right wingers, "trans bad" is generally a very accurate first order guess.

At first, I thought he was going for the “natural immunity is better than being vaccinated take”, because hey, the immune system is complex, and being immune is a spectrum, but no, it was actually much, much dumber than that

I mean the so called 'natural immunity' take isn’t exactly any kind of acknowledgement of the complexity of the immune system. Believing that getting a disease is somehow better than getting vaccinated against it has been an integral part pf the antivax belief system for years. They say that about every disease.
Exactly, and he managed to make an even dumber post. Didn't see that coming

It is always the same joke with these people.

This is disgusting and immature

what a complete peen

This is like saying pregnancy is a spectrum…. Gender is like saying color is a spectrum which it is. It’s literally called the color spectrum

Let me put it this way…. If gender wasn’t a spectrum, all men would act the exact same and drive put trucks, drink liquor and eat meat and potatoes and all women would be the same and wear dresses, cook, clean and raise kids. But we don’t live in a world like that, so this gender must be different than sex


evopsych IDW who's adjacent to the actual rationalists


There are apparently people who use the 'just show me random popular shit reddit' feature. And I guess that if your sub gets over 10k followers you nowadays get put on that list.
This seems more likely if there's a lot of posts and/or a lot of keywords in the title. Which is maybe an argument in favor of banning the arguably amusing assholes instead of letting them run their mouths, as is current policy. Not sure.
I say just ban them, transphobic trolling isnt really that interesting, same pattern for years. They are just proud in their ignorance/hate/trolling. And they just ruin conversations by never giving up or trying to learn anything. You got to hand it to ~~isis~~ the IQ racists but at least they try to come up with some basis for their arguments, even if it is flawed policing data or research from white supremacists/racists. What these people come up with is stupider than a ben shapiro argument. (So much of it is also just homophobia with the labels changed). I don't see the value in talking to these people anyway, and I think seeing the same transphobic shit being played here again actually might not be funny for our trans Fellows of the Sneer. Just ask yourself [WWGD](http://prntscr.com/241brn9)?
As a trans recipient of a Sneering Fellowship, I can confirm that seeing this shit in the sub is not my idea of a good time.
Report it. There’s 200 comments in this thread and I’m not going through them all.
Wtf is going on in this thread?
You're wrong. But as a bell end, you'll never realize it.
Unless you’ve got a couple dozen Nature articles on trans identity under your belt, I couldn’t give less of a shit how much research you think you’ve done. How do you not realize you sound exactly like a flat earther or climate denier?


This is the greatest post of the month.

thanks :)
Thank you!

Wildly dumb. Spelling salts please.