big update, is now a federated lemmy instance. let me know if anything looks broken! here’s what to expect:

  • to pull up an community on another instance, just paste that community’s URL into the other instance’s search bar
  • federation with other lemmy instances should work, and probably kbin too? there’s no way I can find to pull in pre-federation posts on remote instances though, so send your friends here to read the backlogs
  • we can’t federate with most of mastodon right now because lemmy doesn’t implement authorized_fetch, which is a best practice setting for mastodon instances. if your instance doesn’t use it, try entering something like into your mastodon search; lemmy communities are represented to mastodon as users
  • this is pretty much an experimental thing so if we have to turn it off, I’ll send out another post
  • reply to this post with ideas for moderation tools and instances you’d like to see blocked (and a reason why) and we’ll take action on anything that sounds like a good idea

federation was made possible by

  • lemmy’s devs skipping their release process and not telling anyone 0.18.2 was released on friday? so we’re on 0.18.2 now
  • updating all of the deployment cluster’s flake inputs just in case
  • shouting yolo
    41 year ago

    I’ve got an error the first time I tried to load the community from the other side, and I’m not seeing any other replies, but I guess this works.