big update, is now a federated lemmy instance. let me know if anything looks broken! here’s what to expect:

  • to pull up an community on another instance, just paste that community’s URL into the other instance’s search bar
  • federation with other lemmy instances should work, and probably kbin too? there’s no way I can find to pull in pre-federation posts on remote instances though, so send your friends here to read the backlogs
  • we can’t federate with most of mastodon right now because lemmy doesn’t implement authorized_fetch, which is a best practice setting for mastodon instances. if your instance doesn’t use it, try entering something like into your mastodon search; lemmy communities are represented to mastodon as users
  • this is pretty much an experimental thing so if we have to turn it off, I’ll send out another post
  • reply to this post with ideas for moderation tools and instances you’d like to see blocked (and a reason why) and we’ll take action on anything that sounds like a good idea

federation was made possible by

  • lemmy’s devs skipping their release process and not telling anyone 0.18.2 was released on friday? so we’re on 0.18.2 now
  • updating all of the deployment cluster’s flake inputs just in case
  • shouting yolo
  • @TinyTimmyTokyo
    4 months ago

    Just wanted to mention that I’m seeing some divergence between the way local communities appear here on and how they appear on other lemmy sites. For instance, on, here are the top 7 posts on sneerclub:

    • Keira Haven’s Box of Rocks series
    • “Here’s the deal,” the Urbit crew heard the No Agency guy say. “You give me back those twenty hats, I give you back your five thousand dollars, and I never fucking talk to you again.”
    • a normal journalist meets the Urbit nerds, who repeatedly threaten her with the wrath of Thiel (2022)
    • SneerClub Classic: Big Yud’s Mad Men Cosplay
    • My friend with amnesia remembers the Basilik
    • I will never get over how the pretty girl in the photo attached is LITERALLY Roko of the Basilisk’s example of the bad ending for humanity
    • Birdsite thread comparing EA to a literal cult

    Of these, only 3 are available (to me) on I don’t see any posts on sneerclub that have failed to show up on

    EDIT: Switching to “NEW” from “ACTIVE” caused the missing posts to show up. The “Active” setting seems to behave as a pretty strong filter on, but it’s not as strong on

    EDIT #2: I take it back, even after switching to “New”, only some of the missing posts showed up.

    • @selfOPMA
      24 months ago

      in your settings, try toggling “show NSFW” off and on again