big update, is now a federated lemmy instance. let me know if anything looks broken! here’s what to expect:

  • to pull up an community on another instance, just paste that community’s URL into the other instance’s search bar
  • federation with other lemmy instances should work, and probably kbin too? there’s no way I can find to pull in pre-federation posts on remote instances though, so send your friends here to read the backlogs
  • we can’t federate with most of mastodon right now because lemmy doesn’t implement authorized_fetch, which is a best practice setting for mastodon instances. if your instance doesn’t use it, try entering something like into your mastodon search; lemmy communities are represented to mastodon as users
  • this is pretty much an experimental thing so if we have to turn it off, I’ll send out another post
  • reply to this post with ideas for moderation tools and instances you’d like to see blocked (and a reason why) and we’ll take action on anything that sounds like a good idea

federation was made possible by

  • lemmy’s devs skipping their release process and not telling anyone 0.18.2 was released on friday? so we’re on 0.18.2 now
  • updating all of the deployment cluster’s flake inputs just in case
  • shouting yolo
  • @selfOPMA
    211 months ago

    added French and Spanish in lieu of us getting better language support in lemmy (that doesn’t involve juggling 30 languages, one of which is Undetermined (which breaks the instance if you remove it))

    let me know if that fixes things in federation; some of these settings need a lemmy server restart but none of the docs or UI say that, and it doesn’t happen automatically

    • @zogwarg
      310 months ago

      Thanks, It seems to have helped.